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The “Q” and “U” ranges offers a very stable High Q material system that provides excellent, low loss, performance in systems below 3GHz. Optimized for lowest possible ESR, this range of high frequency capacitors is suitable for many applications where economical, high performance is required.
Available in 0402 to 3640 case sizes (0603 & 0805 case sizes only available in the “U” range) with various termination options including FlexiCap™.
CapCad™ capacitor modelling software is now available and has been developed with an easy to use and readily accessible comparison tool for choosing the best MLCC to suit the customer’s needs. Please consult the Knowles website to launch the software.

Operating Temperature
-55°C to +125°C
Temperature Coefficient (Typical)
0 ± 30 ppm/°C (C0G/NP0)
Insulation resistance
Q range: >100GΩ at +25°C; >10GΩ +125°C U range: 100GΩ or 1000s (whichever is the least)
Q Factor
>2000 @ 1MHz